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Process Management & Development

Are you overwhelmed by juggling all the moving pieces? When you’re an entrepreneur, it feels like you’ve got to do everything. You don’t have to do it alone.

We oversee your projects, what is happening in your business behind the scenes, and manage things for you. With your business best interests in mind, we uncover where you can:

  • save time
  • save money
  • increase productivity and team efficiency without the team feeling micromanaged
  • improve the customer experience helping you bring in more customers, retain existing customers, get repeat business and more referrals

Virtual Keynote Speaking

As a highly effective productivity coach, Michelle Forsyth believes in helping people find their focus, be more productive, and have fun while they work. As our “new normal” becomes more embedded into our work lives, it is easy to get lost in busywork, lose perspective on priorities, and feel hopeless about our daily lives and the future of our work. Michelle will motivate your team members and inspire your leaders to manage productivity without micromanaging and create a more sustainable and practical work experience with higher productivity with less effort for everyone.

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Michelle Forsyth

I’m Michelle Forsyth, and I help you create efficiency and transform your team into productivity masters in your business.

If you are tired of never finishing anything, feel like days are vanishing without your business moving forward, or you are not sure what is happening daily in your business, let’s talk.

success stories

Real clients sharing their success...

Marion Andrews

"I just want to tell you what a great thing has happened to me with the mentoring with Michelle.

I have had many, many ideas, many things I’ve wanted to do, but lack the focus to do that. And by having a weekly session with Michelle Forsyth, it has brought me into focus, keeping track of what I’m doing, being accountable to her and to myself really.

But isn’t it funny that reporting to somebody else makes us more accountable? I’ve made some good progress in the four weeks that we’ve been doing and I’m really looking forward to moving on with this, continuing to have our sessions until I complete the first project that we have we are working on.

She asked me what was the most important and I chose working on my book. So we are focusing on that. I am working towards it every day. Well, almost every day. It’s very interesting to me that self-discipline is easier when you’ve got a partner or an accountability person.

And to find somebody that is as interested in what you’re doing as you are, is nearly impossible in just friendships and associations in that way.

So it has been money well spent to address this with Michelle, to have her input and her workbook worksheets and work things that say, okay, where are you going and how are you getting there on paper? So I highly recommend Michelle Forsyth in her mentoring program."

"Michelle is wonderful and incredibly gracious! She has a way of making you feel totally comfortable, like talking with a good friend. Michelle helped me work through parts of my personal story that I can share and would resonate with my audience. I highly recommend her!""

"Michelle. I was so grateful for your guidance, support, and crazy helpful tips! You confirmed strategy that was effective and improved areas that were less strong. After working with you. I have greater confidence to leverage the suite of Infusionsoft tools and engage compelling prospect engagement campaigns.""

"Thank you. Michelle, for being so easy-going and helpful in answering my questions and showing me how to navigate through a system that I once found so complex. I appreciate it!""

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Step, Step, Pick: How to Use the Power of Momentum to Tackle Tasks, Finish Projects & Fulfill Your Dreams

Step Step Pick Book

Pre-Order Benefits:

  • 50% discount on retail price
  • Exclusive access: free digital copy of the book (full digital copy of the book as soon as it’s available)
  • Invite to the online launch party (date TBD)

What’s included in Step, Step, Pick:

  • Every chapter has simple but powerful action steps to get you moving right away.
  • Worksheets available right within the book to get started immediately.
  • The methods described are what I use in my life and have resulted in many, many completed projects (with more to come)!
  • It is like having a mentor right by your side – you’ve got support at your fingertips.
  • Regardless of your health, work or financial situation, you can put these steps into practice to accomplish your goals and finish your projects.
  • You can use this advice for small or huge projects. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet or creating a 6-figure business from home, the principles apply.
  • Discover how to make the most of limited time, energy and resources so you can pursue your dreams, your way.

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