When we start something new, there are things that block us from getting started. Things like our self-limiting beliefs, fear, procrastination, and so much more. How can you get that negative stuff out of your way and begin creating momentum?

# 1 Make the decision

Not making a choice is the same as making a choice. Starting something new like a special project requires you to make the decision to do it. When you delay that decision, you’re making the choice not to make that happen for yourself. Sometimes we have to delay that decision due to health or other circumstances. Or, start now at a slower pace than if we waited for the “right” time. 

creating momentum

#2 Connect with your why

Why do you want to do whatever your special project is? Why is it important to you? When we know why we want to do something (and not just the superficial reason, but the deep, emotional one), it frees us from those blocks standing in our way, especially procrastination. Is procrastination your biggest obstacle? Read the keys to kicking procrastination post.

#3 Be aware

Paying attention to the actions we take and our thoughts make a lasting difference in our results. Often we go about our day, living our lives, without a second thought. Be aware of how you spend your time and what you think about.

# 4 Be consistent.

How much time will you spend on your project? Is it a daily, weekly, or monthly thing? Look at your schedule, energy, health, and set the intention of how much time you will commit to for your project realistically. Now that you have this plan, be consistent and stick  to your plan as much as possible. Even 10-15 minutes a day, with consistency, leads to a completed project whether it’s cleaning out your office or writing a book.

Following these 4 simple, yet powerful steps allows you create the momentum to start and finish every single project. Want more inspiration? Join the Step, Step, Pick Facebook group.