In this episode, I chat with Marie Rachelle, The Coach for Aspiring Freelancers.  We discuss balancing a career with family, creating a “mission driven” career and much more. After 5 years of working full-time job with a side hustle, Marie took the leap into full-time freelancing and then the next year, took another leap into entrepreneurship and Marie shares many helpful tips, insights and strategies to create your success too.

Some of our discussion includes:

  • Balancing life as a side hustle freelancer with a full-time job and a family
  • Transitioning from part-time to full-time freelancing
  • Prioritizing your day and creating a schedule
  • The importance of becoming “mission driven” in your career
  • How to get started with your side hustle and starting your own business
  • The difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship

About My Guest

Marie began freelancing part-time in 2014 and started full-time in 2019. Marie successfully scaled her business to over $100K. With COVID-19, Marie shifted her business in 2020 to become The Coach for Aspiring Freelancers as well as Founder of Convergence Coworking. Over the years, Marie has worked with businesses across the U.S and Canada. She has been featured on The Onest Network (Roku TV), The Hastings Harvest, The Lunchbreak Podcast, WNY Entrepreneur Podcast and Reach for the Stars Podcast, as well as in The Buffalo News, Buffalo Rising, WBEN, WKBW and more. Marie is passionate about building community both online and in-person.

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