Episode 001 Loving Yourself with Giuliana Melo

Do you struggle with self-esteem? Wondering how to cope with life during these uncertain times? Feeling lost and unsure of who you are?

You are not alone! In this episode, our debut episode, we’re talking with Giuliana Melo. This serves as an introduction to the You Can Do It too! Podcast. Our host, Michelle Forsyth, shares her experience, strategies and insights plus interviews with real people living their dreams, their way.

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Some of our discussion includes:

  • Find your daily practice to help you create your day instead of having it create you.
  • You are love and deserve to be happy.
  • How to be present and grateful in your life, even if your situation is less than ideal.
  • Setting your intention for the day and what the really means for you.
  • Making the best of the new normal with COVID-19

About My Guest

Giuliana is an incredibly kind woman I’ve just recently gotten to connect with directly! She is a certified Angel Intuitive, spiritual teacher, and co-author of 19 books. She has been a guest blogger Ihadcancer.com, Spiritual Biz Network and Holistic Speakers Guild. Giuliana has been a speaker at numerous MAKE A WISH events, online summits and at other public events. She is also on a personal mission to perform many acts of kindness.

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