Episode 002 Successfully Writing a Book with Full-Time Responsibilities

In our world where we are staying home more and self-isolating, it can feel like you’re all alone when tackling projects, remote work or being an entrepreneur. How can you write a book, run a business and raise a family? How do you overcome self-doubt that stops you from moving forward with your dreams?

In this episode, Michelle Frechette shares practical tips on writing a book, customer success and so much more. Michelle is an author, speaker, marketer, coach, blogger, the list goes on.

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Some of our discussion includes:

  • How to write a book based on your blog.
  • Countering writing block, the answer may surprise you!
  • The importance of finding your focus.
  • The power of team and its impact on your success.
  • How anyone can write a book, regardless of your situation.
  • Overcoming shyness and anxiety to share your voice with the world.
  • Whether you’re in business or not, marketing tips for everyone.

About My Guest

Michelle is a woman of many, many talents. She has also a very interesting background. Michelle is an expert in many areas, including WordPress and website design, marketing, public speaking, coaching writing. Michelle has an MBA in marketing, e-commerce and information systems from the University of Rochester and also the very prestigious Simon School of Business. Michelle is the author of A Good Firm Handshake: (and Other Essential Business Tips) and has been in web design and marketing for more than 10 years. Plus, Michelle is currently the head of Customer Success for a website called impress.org.

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