The difference between last year and this year is we had no idea on how our world would change so drastically. Now, we carry on moving forward and hopefully, will be a year of healing and recovery. 

In my previous post, I talked about adding one thing into your routine to create the life you desire. Now, building on that one thing, there are two things to consider:

  1. Rinse and repeat. Just like your shampoo bottle instructions say, rinse and repeat. While we don’t wash our hair a bunch of times, we do repeat the process from day-to-day. Keep repeating until it becomes a habit and is just part of what you do. It becomes a natural part of your day.
  2. Build your momentum by gradually increasing the number of times you do something or the length of time. To paraphrase Newton’s law, an object in motion will stay in motion so once you start, keep it going.

If last week you decided to get up 15 minutes earlier or to start meditating 5 minutes a day, build on those habits. If you successfully got up early or meditated the number of times you wanted to (say you decided to do it 3x last week), bump it to 4x this week or add another 2 minutes of meditation time.

But, don’t add until you’ve succeed enough times. If you decided on 3x but only got up 2x, then this week, go for that 3x. Those “small” wins build your confidence to keep going and growing. You’ve got this!

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