While we’ve spent the last year learning to live with (and hopefully contain) COVID-19, one thing has undoubtedly shifted for me. Before COVID, I rarely attended networking events. Even if I did attend an event, I was shy, and it was challenging for me to talk to strangers (or at least start the conversation.) 

With COVID, I began to explore online networking groups. The ones I use the most frequently are Freelancing Females and In Creative Co. These are groups that focus on the relationships of their members, not just about exchanging emails and social media profiles. 

Why do I like online networking in the first place?

  • It gives everyone a chance to introduce themselves.
  • It is incredibly convenient!
  • The events offer more options than “just” networking (see the story below).
  • Many groups provide additional resources like a directory listing, masterclasses, and more.

With In Creative Co, the networking sessions have themes. Instead of introducing yourself in the standard, “Hi, I’m Name, this is my title and how I help people,” themes in the past have been: candy, fashion, tv show or movie, etc. 

Even though I am a creative person, I found it a bit disconcerting at first! But, once you see it in action, it’s a lot of fun! We’ve also had conversations about if we had unlimited financial resources, what would we do? 

Besides the networking sessions, both groups offer special guest talks. I spoke in February at Freelancing Females, and I’ll be presenting a short talk about writing your book on June 23 with In Creative. For this, and some other events, you don’t even have to be a member to attend. Sign-up for my free event by clicking here.

I’ve attended other more “traditional” networking events, and the thing that I like is, no matter which event you attend, everyone gets the chance to share their business and their contact details. 

How do you like to network? What do you like/dislike about online networking events? 

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