The Podcast


I’m excited to connect on the podcast!

Our interview will be very conversational. This is your time to share your stories and the lessons you’ve learned. We’re just chatting about how we get things done!

A sampling of questions are listed below. I don’t list all the questions because my aim is to keep the conversation natural; we’re just talking with a friend.

Feel free to use brand names, mention your company, etc. If you’d like to be a sponsor, let me know.

If you need to reschedule for any reason, please use the rescheduling link from your appointment confirmation email – or email me directly.

We will meet for about an hour, and record for about 45 minutes (approximately).

We will record both audio and video so if you have any of your branded swag, books in the background, etc., let’s see it!

Sample Questions

A sampling of questions are listed below. I don’t list all the questions because my aim is to keep the conversation natural.

  • Tell us about your background.
  • What is your big dream project
  • How did you get started on your project?
  • What are some roadblocks you experienced when you work on projects or your business?
  • How do you keep going when you’re experiencing negative thinking or other life distractions
  • What is the first action you’d recommend people take to move from dreaming to doing?
  • What is something you wish you’d known before embarking on your journey towards your dream?
  • How can we find you online and on social?

Important Tech Info

We use a Zoom.us for the podcast. The link is provided with your calendar booking link provided by email.

Best Practices

  • Ideally, audio sounds best with an external microphone so if you’ve got one, that’s great.
  • Since we are recording video, good lighting showcases your beautiful face.
  • If you can use a wired Internet connection, this provides the most stable video experience (less freezing or audio breakup issues).

Spreading the Word

Once your episode is posted, please help spread the word through your social media. I’ll be promoting you, so feel free to tweet and retweet!

I will provide you with social media graphics for email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts. 


Let me know if you’re curious about anything to do with the podcast. See you soon!


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