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Michelle Forsyth is a speaker and business coach, founder of, and the author of the upcoming book Step, Step, Pick: How to Use the Power of Momentum to Tackle Tasks, Finish Projects & Fulfill Your Dreams and programs like SHAPE your Biz.

Michelle is the one to call when you want to create efficiency and transform your team into productivity masters in your business. This bestselling author and productivity coach lives according to her methods utilizing content creation and speaking as her primary marketing platform. She helps her clients focus their energy on the right areas to achieve their goals, and they stop treading water and start living their dreams.

This powerful program will show you and your team how to:

  • Prioritize with confidence
  • Get back time in your day
  • Complete more projects in less time
  • Focus with precision
  • Repeat with every task, goal, and project

Michelle has been invited to coach Sunny Dawn Johnston’s My Spiritual Biz community multiple times and asked to speak at Freelance Business Week, Get Your summit, Making Money Online Can Be Easy summit, and more. Michelle is a Member of the International Society of Female Professionals and has been featured on Thrive Global, The Authority,, and Disrupt Magazine.

“Before working with Michelle I wasn’t focused or motivated in my business anymore. I felt distant from my social media platforms, my niche didn’t feel right, and I had lost touch with my drive to move forward. I had spent a period of time neglecting my work and even put off focusing on a niche that I felt passionate about. This was frustrating because I knew I had a message to share and people to serve. Michelle helped me revive my motivation in a simple, straightforward yet lively way. The tools she gave me will not only help me in my business, but in my life too.” Krystal Ward Nutrition and Anxiety Coach

Any of Michelle’s live keynotes for leadership, administrative team, technical departments, or your entire organization can be tailored for your organization.

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