The busier life and business gets, the easier it is to let things like creating a daily intention slide. It only takes a few minutes, but when your to-do list is a mile long, and it never feels like you finish anything, it’s easy to skip.

I know some days when I sit down at my desk, an hour goes by before I even realize it (or the whole morning)! So what can you do to stay on top of your tasks, keep your focus, and reduce your stress levels?

Let’s start with the basics. Routine is how we create muscle memory, and sticking with your routine consistently builds your momentum. This consistency and momentum are what get those big projects done.

Establish a routine that works for you. For example, I was following Julia Cameron’s suggestion of writing morning pages for quite a while. But, I admit I’ve fallen off that wagon. But, I use it when I need it, so I consider it part of my morning toolkit, if not my daily routine. 


A routine I have consistently followed for over a year is writing a daily priorities electronic journal entry. I’ve used an electronic journal for this activity. It’s a simple act of filling in the blanks each day and usually takes less than 5 minutes. 

Because of this, I created a version of it for you. It’s a fillable PDF, so you can keep saving it as a new date. Easy peasy! Now, if you want to print it off, you’re welcome to do so too. 

What’s included on your Daily Priorities worksheet? Besides, of course, the date, there are spots to write your:

  • gratitude list
  • daily intention
  • 5 vital activities
  • #1 “must-do” activity
  • morning random thoughts
  • nightly wrap-up

Get started with your daily priorities and creating a daily intention by downloading your free worksheet today. 

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