Have you noticed how sometimes when we are working on something that is hard for us to do we are more easily distracted? Even when we start working on it, if something else comes up, we hop onto whatever that other thing is? 

​This happens because of two things:

  1. We are afraid of what we’re doing. It’s stretching us out of our comfort zone making it easy for our procrastination habits to kick in. 
  2. We are missing accountability. When we are accountable for our actions, it makes a massive difference in how diligent we are in doing what we say we are going to do. 

Do you have someone holding you accountable to staying on track with your dreams? It can be a friend, family member, even your spouse. The best accountability buddies offer support and guidance. This is someone you trust, you can rely on in your life.

Support and guidance does not mean a pat on the head or shrugging it off if you are struggling with meeting your goals. It means asking the question, “Why didn’t you do it?“. It means also asking, “Yes, you can do it! What do you need?

Sometimes getting that from someone in our immediate life is not possible or feasible. A loved one or friend doesn’t want to hurt you and it can be tough having those difficult conversations. That is where hiring a coach comes in handy. It’s asking for help from someone who is not directly connected and can be objective yet has your best interest in mind.

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