When it comes to marketing, we talk a lot about repurposing content. Using the content you’ve already created in different ways, various formats, etc. It saves time and allows you to connect with your audience in ways they prefer like some like to read and some prefer video. 

Let’s explore this in an another way. 

First, I have to say again, repurposing your own content is a massive timesaver and makes your life much easier. I talk about this all the time in our group coaching sessions. One of the biggest advantage to writing your own book is you have so much content to use in other ways. For example, you can take concepts from your book and turn them into a video course, short guides, etc.

The next piece, the piece that is unique, is repurposing your skills.

What does that mean?

You’re probably already doing it and just don’t realize it. If you’re a coach, you definitely are recycling your skills and using them in a different way.

For over 15 years, I worked as an executive assistant, office manager, technical assistant… you get the idea. I was the go-to person for getting things done and helping people do their jobs more efficiently. When I left corporate, I freelanced as a technical virtual assistant.

I used the skills I already had in the corporate world plus added some enhancements with graphic design, web design and marketing automation but the foundation was already set in place. It was an easy transition from corporate to freelance by re-using skills I already possessed.

The other way we can recycle is by providing content based on previous skills. My primary focus now is being an author coach, helping aspiring authors and entrepreneurs get their ideas out of their head and into their book.

As I always say, you can take the girl out of admin but you can’t take the admin out of the girl… I still love productivity, organization, administration so I still coach and teach those skills. I even recently contributed as a guest blogger for virtual assistant/event planner Danielle LeBaron. Read the blog post here: Tools of the Trade: Tips and Tricks for being a Successful Virtual Assistant.


Take your content, skills or expertise and rinse it off. What do you see when you take a fresh look at it? I also talked about the idea of rinse and repeat when it comes to building momentum in this post.


Turn those skills and knowledge you have into new pieces of content.


Rely on your hard-earned toolkit of skills, resources and experience to create “new” material for your audience.

Feeling stuck on how you can recycle skills from your vast experience? Brainstorm and make a list of all your accomplishments and think about what do people ask you to help them with? Think about it for both your personal and professional lives. Do your family ask you to fix stuff at home or make certain meals that you make the best in your house? Does your work involve repeatedly talking about the same topics? That’s your base for rinse, recycle & reuse of your skills and expertise!

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