Does it sound counter-intuitive to talk about creativity to stimulate your productivity?

If you’re anything like my wife, Dani, she used to always say to me that I’m the creative one; she’s not creative. After multiple instances of her creativity coming through with inspiring copy snippets and innovative ideas, she finally is starting to believe me.

She does a variety of things to tap into her creativity. She now builds websites with coding, javascript, and CSS.

This is a case in point that creativity comes out in multiple forms. Creativity does not have to mean writing short stories, drawing, painting, or sculpting. Those are traditional creative outlets and if you like any of those outlets, then go for it.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or feel like you keep spinning your wheels instead of moving forward, take a creativity break to relax and rejuvenate your brain. If you’re not into the “artsy” form of creativity, it can feel like an impossible task to “be creative.”

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Turn to a fresh page in your notebook and doodle away. Don’t worry about what it looks like as you write. If you like to draw cubes, fill the page with cubes. If you like stars, draw as many stars as you’d like. 
  • Bake a batch of cookies—the motions of following a recipe and the smell of delicious baking feel and taste good.
  • Brew a cup of tea and enjoy a small bowl of fruit to perk up your senses (or maybe one of your freshly baked cookies!)
  • Take a short walk. This may not sound creative, but if you walk without anything but the outdoor noises (leave your phone in your pocket and don’t listen to music,) the sights, sounds, and smells can give you a fresh perspective. 
  • Do a little freeform journaling. Let the words flow. 
  • Brainstorm your random thoughts. Take a fresh piece of paper and write a word in the middle of the page. Brainstorm about yourself (this can help you remember how awesome you are), your projects, anything that is making you feel stuck. 

After your creativity break, now you can take a fresh look at your tasks, projects, and tasks. Are you staying on track, or do you need to refocus? 

Review the progress you’re making and make adjustments. 

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