During my interview on Thrive Global, and what I talk about all the time, is understanding and connecting with your why. It comes up repeatedly because it’s tough to nail down, but it’s vital to your success.

I’ve heard this before, but this question hit home for me during one of Sunny Dawn Johnston’s group coaching sessions. This is where I first heard of Simon Sinek and began exploring this concept of starting with your why.

Check out Simon Sinek’s original TedX talk here.

My knee-jerk response to this question was always something like “to help people,” “to make people’s lives easier or better,” etc. But, the truth is, while that is part of why we go into business, it is not the complete picture. 

Your why is very personal, and only you can, with certainty, what is your why. Once I began to understand that my why was about sharing my voice, it transcended to become my mission for you to share your voice too…

When I realized that was my why it changed everything. Each time I start a new project, even writing this email, I ask how is this helping me follow my why?

Our why is what is in our heart.

When we connect to it, it’s a deep, visceral connection. When you struggle, feel down, wonder if anything will ever grow into what you dream of, remember why you’re doing it.

Right now, stop and think. What is your why?

  • Why did you start a business?
  • Why do you go to work each day?
  • Why do you want to write a book?

Whatever your answer is, the next question is, Why is that important to me?

If you say you want to write a book because you know you have a way to help people differently, why is that important to you?

If you say, you need to go to work each day because you have to support your family. A noble reason, but again, why is that important to you?

If you say you started a business because you want financial security, why is that important to you?

Keep asking why, why, why, until you know for sure. Sometimes it only takes 10 minutes; sometimes, it takes 10 days or 10 months. Keep exploring what your why is until you realize it’s The Answer.

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Once you have it, it will stick with you. You’ve nailed why it’s important to you, and you can keep going, no matter what happens or tries to get in your way.

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