Last week, the world watched the assault on Capitol Hill. Just when we maybe think things are starting to settle down, something like that happens. Let’s take another moment to stop and breathe. 

I’m grateful for my family, my home, my life. When our world is constantly changing, even erupting, what can we do? We do not have control over other people’s actions. While our initial response is natural and sometimes filled with anxiety, what we do next with the information is up to us. 

It can also be tempting to let world events affect our work, our projects. I admit, I put what I was doing aside to watch the events unfold on the Capitol. But, I also worked on things that didn’t require as much effort. I stayed abreast of the situation while continuing my project work. 

With big projects, it often feels like we need to put all other things aside and just do that one thing. There are definitely times when we need to put all our focus and energy on one particular big rock project.

This could be based on deadlines, outside influences like someone else needs to be involved or is depending on the project to be completed.

The tricky part though is recognizing whether it has to take all of your focus right now or if it can be done a little at a time. Let’s say your dream project is writing your own book but you also have a big project of spring cleaning your house.

Now, say it normally takes you 3 weeks of hard core cleaning to complete your spring cleaning. This takes all of your energy and leaves you exhausted so writing your book gets put aside for those 3 weeks.

Let’s think about this, after you’ve finished your spring cleaning, will you pick up where you left off with your book? Or will there be another project that takes priority?

The simple fact is that if you put off your dream project for another 3 weeks, your momentum will move towards the other projects and not your dream project. The dream projects are easier to push aside because they often don’t yield immediate results and we are putting ourselves out in the world in a new way.

A Different Way

Instead, take longer to complete your spring cleaning project WHILE you write your book.

Spend 1-2 hours a day cleaning or 1-2 days a week and keep up your book writing habit. You can see what will happen. Yes, it takes longer to complete both projects but if you keep pushing through and building on the momentum of each project, they both will get done.

Yes, you can spring clean your house and write your book. I know you can!

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